How Much Can I Sue For Dog Bite

Dogs can provide great emotional support for their owners, the possibility of dog bites could cause distress and bodily harm to other people. Because some people aren’t willing to compensate for the harm caused by dog bites some may be forced to seek legal recourse when lawsuits.

In the year 2019 the year that was just over $796.8M was paid out in claims. In all 17802 claims were filed that cost an average of $44,760 for each. Different factors affect the amount a person due, as bite cases be different depending on the severity of dog bites. A study conducted by the CDC discovered that close to 4.7M dog bites took place in 1994, meaning that they’re fairly common. In the same way however, not everyone who’s injured is able to utilize the legal system for their benefit and it’s recommended that you seek help as soon as is.

Dog Bite Laws

While laws regarding dog bites differ between states but they all identify that the dog’s owner is the person responsible. The victim is not able to sue an animal. Therefore the dog’s owner is responsible for to bear the responsibility for the attack. Certain states could have strict liability provisions, for instance in the event that the dog’s owner knew that the dog could bite.

Some states provide liability regardless of regardless of whether or how a person believed their dog was likely to bite another. Ohio law regarding dog bites also define how long a victim is entitled to until they can successfully sue someone.

The laws can be quite complicated to fully comprehend, and it’s recommended that victims has a lawyer. In some cases it is possible for the victim to be granted a year to bring an appeal. Some states may be more permissive and permit more time to file but it all depends on the location where the attack occurred.

There are also specific legal concerns, like general law or statutory law which is why you should leave it to a lawyer for dog bites. Although it’s helpful for clients to be aware of the laws governing dog bites but it’s best to seek legal advice from an expert.

Who to Sue for a Dog Bite?

The majority of the time, the victim has to determine the dog’s owner in order to pursue them. The owner may transfer some of the responsibility to the insurance company , who will take care of payments, but generally, the pet owner requires legal counsel. Both renters and homeowners insurance can handle the legal liability of dog bites. Since they are insurance companies can offer up to $300,000 based on the limits of liability. When a victim files a lawsuit against the company, expect the matter to take time.

How Much Can the Victim Earn From a Dog Bite?

As previously mentioned the median earnings for claims arising from an animal bite is $44,760. Given that this is the median the victim could make more or less dependent on how solid their case. If the injury resulting by the dog bite is significant and impacts the overall health of the victim they could make a significant amount.

In the same way, minor cases could be settled for as little as 10,000 in a small-claims court. Similar to all aspects that make up the system of law the person seeking compensation must show that the dog’s owner failed to properly to stop the dog’s bite. So, even if all is accurate, if there is no evidence that the incident occurred the dog’s owner is unlikely to win anything.

Be aware that insurance companies may attempt to settle matters without a court hearing. In doing this, the person who is affected receives less than the full settlement. But, it could be an alternative for those who require urgent cash due to various reasons. Keep in mind that some limits on liability can require the insurance company to take on a large amount for the owner. If an individual is unsure on how to proceed in the case, they must always speak with an attorney.

What to Do After a Dog Bite?

Some dogs are not an immediate threat to an individual or their family members. But, there could be the time that a person must be aware of how to proceed following being attacked by the dog. When escaping that dog person must identify the dog as well as its master. It is recommended that the victim call 911 to make a report of an incident (documentation is vital to create an authentic case). Following this the victim should remain removed from any dog in order to avoid being attacked again. The dog’s owner must exchange important details to the person who was attacked. If witnesses are present and witnesses, they should also share contact information. Contacting animal control might be necessary in certain circumstances.

If a victim is preparing to make an insurance claim, they should make use of the above documentation to establish the foundation. The most important evidences include:

  • Photos (Injury, dog, etc.)
  • Information about the injury
  • Witnesses
  • Reports from police or animal control
  • Location & Time

If you are filing a lawsuit it is essential to engage an attorney. The client may use the legal system to gain financial advantages, specifically when it comes to injuries to the victim that prevent them from working. There are cases of the United States where a dog owner was imprisoned for a

long time for involuntary murder caused by their dogs that killed an individual. If negligence was at the fault, there are plenty of possibilities to sue over an incident that appears to be minor like the bite of a dog.

A dog bite may prevent someone from working. Even if a case is being constructed and the victim is receiving medical treatment, certain opportunities for employment could be canceled because due to an injury. For example the trainers, athletes and others who work in physical positions can lose work hours. In this case, the employee might want to sue for additional amount of money. The amount a person is able to sue for is contingent upon various circumstances, so it’s better to let the details go with an attorney.

Dog Bite Lawyers

A single of the crucial options is hiring an attorney who is specialized upon dog bites. Dog bites are a different matter when compared to battery, assault or murder. Therefore, there are different lawyers that are experts in these different areas. It is best to find an attorney who is able to deal with various kinds of insurance. Beyond renters and homeowners policies, health insurance may be a great way to pay for medical expenses. An attorney for personal injuries is a possibility in certain situations however, it’s generally more beneficial to hire an attorney that is trained for dog bite injuries.

Attorney-Client Relationship

In order to find an agreement, one must be aware of the importance in an attorney-client partnership. When someone hires an attorney, that lawyer must ensure that all information is secret. The client must also get legal advice from their lawyer, particularly in the event of the bite of a dog.

Attorneys can advise on a range of steps and execute them to clients’ benefit. Strategies to win a case can be formulated between them as well as an investigation, hearings on insurance claims as well as other relevant information to ensure the proper settlement.


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