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International Firefighters Day is a day when the entire world will recognize and honor the sacrifices firefighters make to ensure their communities and their environment are as secure as they can be.

Firefighters devote their lives to protecting of lives and property. Sometimes, that dedication comes in the form of endless hours of service over the course of many years and in other instances, it’s long, selfless hours of work in the field. In every case, it is the ultimate loss of a firefighter’s own life.

International Firefighters Day is a time when the entire world can recognize and celebrate the sacrifices firefighters make to ensure their communities and the environment are as safe as is possible. It’s also a day where past and present firefighters can be praised for their work.

On the 2nd of December 1998, a tragedy shocked an entire Linton Community, Australia and the entire world. Firefighters from Linton, Australia, a populous region of Victoria was fighting a major bush fire, and demanded mutual assistance. The urgent call for mutual aid led Geelong West Fire Brigade to the scene. Geelong West Fire Brigade to the scene but without aware of the devastation and loss to come.

Garry Vredeveldt, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas as well as Matthew Armstrong all loaded into the truck of the company. They were members of a strike group and were sent to assist in putting out the fires. When the five departed for in the zone of heat, winds abruptly changed direction, and engulfed an entire truck with flames killing the five people on board.

This tragic incident has inspired JJ Edmondson to create an international holiday known as International Firefighters’ Days, to honor the lost lives of and dedicated firefighters who put their lives at risk every single day to save lives and property.

“The job of a firefighter today in society – whether it’s urban or rural, in the natural environment as well as career, volunteer defence force, industrial or aviation, motor sports or any other, is one of commitment, dedication and sacrifice, regardless of the country we live as well as work. The firefighters we serve combat a common enemy: fire, regardless of where we hail from, which uniform we wear or which we are fluent in,” wrote Edmondson.

Although efforts organized to tackle urban fires have been in existence since the beginning of time the International Firefighters’ day (IFFD) began to be observed on May 4 1999. The day was created of celebration for the firefighters and their families who protect us and secure our properties, our communities as well as our wilderness…and to remember those who sacrificed their lives to fulfill their duty.

On IFFD the entire workforce who works in emergency service is recognized. This includes hazardous materials experts, fire prevention specialists volunteers, paid firefighters wildland firefighters, heavy equipment mechanics/operators emergency medical technicians and many more. who have laid down their lives name of duty.

On IFFD the entire workforce working in the field of emergency services is acknowledged; hazardous materials experts firefighters, fire prevention specialists Volunteer firefighters and paid firefighters wildland firefighters, firefighters, fire fighting heavy equipment mechanics/operators emergency medical technicians and many more.

The International Day of Firefighters takes place every year on the 4th of May. On this day, you are encouraged to honor those firefighters who fallen in service to our community or devoted their lives to ensuring our safety. While we are at it we are able to express our gratitude and support to the firefighters across the globe who protect us every day of the year.

As defense personnel firefighters never take a break from their duties. After fighting a fire they begin preparing for the next situation. They conduct training and drills as well as clean and maintain their equipment, write reports on emergencies , and provide the public with information on the safety of fire.

By proudly sporting and displaying red and blue ribbons, or by taking part in a commemoration or occasion, we can express our appreciation to firefighters from all over the world.

The IFFD ribbons are connected to colours that symbolize the principal elements that firefighters are working with the red color for fire as well as blue to represent water. They are also internationally recognized as being representative of emergency services.

The most important emblems of International Firefighters Day is the blue and red ribbon. The ribbon is cut exactly five centimeters long and a centimeter wide. It is made with the two distinct colors joined on the top. JJ Edmondson selected blue and red as red symbolized elements of fire while blue symbolized the element of water.

In a similar way, blue and red are also colors that are worldwide to symbolize emergency services. Hence, blue and red are the most appropriate colors to celebrate an international holiday. The ribbon is typically worn on the lapel, also called folded fabric that is on the shirt, but it is not restricted to that specific location.

People can also stick it on their car visors or hats, hang them from windows or off mirrors on cars or place them in trees on their front yard. The locations where this ribbon can be placed are numerous, You just have to be imaginative! The blue and red ribbon is an easy and effective method to show your support to International Firefighters’ Day.


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