"Thought She Be But, She Is Fierce"

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” “- Quote by William Shakespeare

Story of This Quote : “Thought She Be But, She Is Fierce”

This Quote Is For Hermia Who Is The Strongest Women of William Shakespeare. She stands up to her father, something Elizabethan women could not do as a father’s word was law, and final – there was no appeal. Shakespeare’s plays are full of women who suffer as a result of the way that men treat them. Some of them rebel and Hermia is one of them.

Hermia is one of the two women in the pairs of lovers generally referred to as ‘the lovers.’ In this play, Shakespeare dazzles the audience with the shifting love quadrangle to the extent that it’s almost difficult to follow the plot.

Hermia is instructed by her father to marry the wealthy young nobleman, Demetrius, but she is in love with Lysander and refuses. Her father takes her to the Duke who tells her that if she doesn’t marry Demetrius she will be locked away in a nunnery for the rest of her life.



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